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EMSS was established in 1994 by founders Dr. Frans Meyer and
Dr. Gronum Smith, to render electromagnetic consulting services to the
South African industry. In this process, we developed computational electromagnetic software which, over time, matured into a standalone product called FEKO. FEKO has subsequently been sold to Altair in 2014.  Over the same period new entities were spawned to service related markets, and a group of companies resulted.


EMSS Antennas is one such new entity and was established in 2002 to add an antenna hardware capability to the group.  We supported local and international industry with electromagnetic engineering services and solutions for a few years, and in 2006 began to focus on developing receiver solutions for radio telescopes and offering our services for reflector design – both analysis and synthesis.


The EMSS group of companies have rebranded in 2017 to the Alphawave Group, which operates predominantly from the Stellenbosch technology park, and remains privately held by management and staff. EMSS Antennas is a partially-owned subsidiary of Alphawave.


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